Islam Aur Asr e Hazir By Prof Ahmed Rafique Akhtar Pdf

Book Name: Islam Aur Asr e Hazir

Writer: Ahmed Rafique Akhtar

Professor Ahmed Rafique Akhtar is a great scholar of Islam and intellectual. He is an excellent speaker and delivered hundreds of lectures. The book Islam Aur Asr e Hazir Pdf is a collection of some lectures. In this writing, he discussed different issues in these lectures. Moreover, he proved that Islam is the religion of the current time, and Muslims should practice it in their routine life.

Ahmed Rafique Akhtar has a vast knowledge of Islam and modern science. He used his presentation skill excellently and convinced the educated people to act according to the teachings of Islam. Furthermore, Ahmed Rafique Akhtar gave the slogan that Allah is our priority to the Muslims. I hope you read the book Islam Aur Asr e Hazir Pdf and share it with your friends on various social media sites.

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