Sulah Hudaibiya By Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail Pdf

Book Name: Sulah Hudaibiya Urdu

Writer: Allama Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail

The book Sulah Hudaibiya Urdu Pdf is about the treaty of Hudaibiya. It happened in the 6th year after Hijrah between the Quraish of Makkah and the Muslims of Madina. The Muslims wanted to perform Umrah, and the Quraish refused to allow it. At this, a treaty signed by both parties. According to this, the Muslims performed the Umra one year later.


Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail is an Arab writer and scholar. He authored a series of books on the history of Islam. This book is one part of that book series. I hope you like to read the book Sulah Hudaibiya Urdu Pdf.

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