Islam Aur Isaiyat By Mufti Javed Ahmad Anbar Pdf

Book Name: Islam Aur Isaiyat

Writer: Mufti Javed Ahmad Anbar Misbahi

The book Islam Aur Isaiyat Pdf is a comparative study of Islam and Christianity. Mufti Javed Ahmad Anbar Misbahi is the author of the book. He quoted the teachings of the Bible and compared it to the Quran. He wrote this book in the reply of Terry Jones, an extremist Pastor.

Mufti Javed Ahmad is a famous scholar and writer in India. He has a vast knowledge of Islam and history. He authored some excellent books on Islam and the comparative study of religions. I hope you like to read the book Islam Aur Isaiyat Pdf Mufti Javed Ahmad Misbahi and share it.

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