Jab Dhaka Jal Raha Tha By A Hameed Pdf Download

Book Name: Jab Dhaka Jal Raha Tha

Writer: A Hameed

The book Jab Dhaka Jal Raha Tha Pdf is about the situation of East Pakistan before the separation. The book is a biography of a Pakistani who escaped from the Dhaka fall. He told his days and nights spent in Dhaka and the other parts of East Pakistan. He was an eyewitness to some historical events and explained the local people’s attitude toward the Punjabis and their killing. The book is handy for history students.

A Hameed was a great writer of Urdu. He was a biographer, travelogue writer, novelist, and story writer. He had a vast history and geography knowledge and used it very well in his books. A Hameed wrote some super hit tv dramas for the children, which gained broad viewership. I hope you like to read Jab Dhaka Jal Raha Tha Pdf and share it with your friends.

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