Jaggat Singh Jagga Jatt Urdu By Shamim Naveed Pdf


Book Name: Jaggat Singh Jagga Jatt Urdu

Writer: Shamim Naveed

The book Jaggat Singh Jagga Jatt PDF is an Urdu biography of Jagga Jatt. Shamim Naveed is the author of the book. Jagga Jatt is a historical character in the history of India. He was a dacoit and looted the rich people. In his life, Jagga Jatt became famous as Robin Hood. He distributed all the stolen wealth to people experiencing poverty. The British government left no stone unturned to arrest him but failed.

Shamim Naveed was a top novelist and leading story writer of Urdu. He authored dozens of super-hit novels and stories in his brilliant writing career. His books were published in digests and got a high rank. Moreover, Shamim Naveed gained fame for his suspense and horror stories. Meanwhile, he patronaged many new writers and served the Urdu literature.

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