Jamal e Khalil By Mufti Khalil Khan Qadri Barkati Pdf


Book Name: Jamal e Khalil

Writer: Mufti Khalil Khan Qadri

The book Jamal e Khalil Pdf is a collection of poetry by Mufti Khalil Khan Qadri Barkati. The book’s author was a great scholar of Islam and the author of some favorite books about the teachings of Islam. Mufti Khalil Khan Barkati also was an excellent poet. He used this skill to praise the Prophet of Islam.

Jamal e Khalil Pdf contains the Hamd, Naat, Ghazals, and stanzas. The writer showed his love for the prophet of Islam as well. Mufti Khalil Khan Qadri Barkati showed his love for Allah and his Rasool. I hope you like the book and share it with other readers.

You can download Urdu poetry books by Mufti Khalil Khan Barkati in pdf. You may read Shayad, Nizami Naatain, and Faiz e Nisbat. Now you can subscribe to our website for updates about fresh book posts.

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