Jamal e Rasool By Syed Abul Faiz Qalandar Ali Pdf

Book Name: Jamal e Rasool

Writer: Abul Faiz Qalandar Ali Suharwardi

The book Jamal e Rasool pdf is an excellent Islamic book on Seerat Un Nabi by Allama Abul Faiz Qalandar Ali. In this book, the writer describes the personality, lifespan, attitude, meetings, and virtues of Rasool Allah SAW. He quoted many other scholars and Sufis in favor of his viewpoint.

Syed Abul Faiz Qalandar Ali was a great scholar of Islam, Sufi, and the writer. He spent many years in Lahore and gained knowledge from different scholars. Moreover, he was a Khalifa of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi. I hope you like to read the book Jamal e Rasool pdf and share it.

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