Kabhi Ishq Karo Novel By Yasmin Nishat Akhtar Pdf

Book Name: Kabhi Ishq Karo Novel

Writer: Yasmin Nishat Akhtar

The book Kabhi Ishq Karo Pdf is an excellent social, romantic, and reform story by Yasmin Nishat Akhtar. It is publishing on a website in the episode form and get much appreciation of readers from its first release. The author talked about the love affair of a girl who was ready to sacrifice for her love.

The author explained the importance of the relations between real happiness in life. She said that love is the name of difficulties, and it gives some pains as well. Later, its fruit is sweet, and the people who show patience could get it. Yasmin also criticized the people who do not care for their relatives.

Yasmin Nishat Akhtar is a famous female story writer, novelist, and poet. In her brilliant writing career, she authored some stories books and episodic novels. Moreover, she is a regular writer for digests and has a large circle of female fans.

I hope you like to read the book Kabhi Ishq Karo Pdf and share it. Here you can download Yasmin Nishat Akhtar Novels in pdf. You may read Bay Shakh Novel, Tumhein Dekh Muskrain Hum, and Nijat Novel.


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