Kala Burqa Jal Raha Tha Novel By Inayatullah Pdf


Book Name: Kala Burqa Jal Raha Tha

Writer: Inayatullah

Inayatullah is the author of the book Kala Burqa Jal Raha Tha Pdf. It is a collection of crime stories based on reality. The writer told some events which ended in crimes. He discussed the reasons for crimes and the conviction of criminals. He spoke about the changes in the community’s moral values, which changed the etiquette.

Inayatullah explained the tradition, customs, and culture of Punjab in these stories. He mentioned the emotions of the people involved in crimes for an act of revenge. He told about the unsafe environment of cities, which became threatening for women.

Inayatullah Altamash is an excellent name in social, romantic, and history story writing. He authored hundreds of stories, and people liked his novels. He had a unique writing style that impressed the readers. I hope you want to read the book Kala Burqa Jal Raha Tha Pdf and share it.

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