Khalid Bin Waleed Novel Urdu By Abdul Sattar Pdf

Book Name: Khalid Bin Waleed Novel

Writer: Qazi Abdul Sattar

The book Khalid Bin Waleed Novel Pdf is an excellent history story by Qazi Abdul Sattar. In this novel, the writer describes the life, wars, and achievements of Hazrat Khalid Ibn Waleed R.A. He was a companion of the Holy Prophet and a great military commander.

Qazi Abdul Sattar was a famous writer and novelist of Urdu. He authored dozens of books and novels but got famous for his splendid history stories. Qazi Abdul Sattar introduced many great personalities of Islam in detail. I hope you like to read the book Khalid Bin Waleed Novel Pdf and share it with your friends.

Here you can download Qazi Abdul Sattar Novels in pdf. You may read Tareekh Jamat e Raza e Mustafa, Islami Sultanatein Urdu, and Seerat Umar Bin Abdul Aziz. If you want more, you can subscribe to our website to get updates about new books.

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