Ganga Ke Pujari Naag Novel By A Hameed Pdf

Book Name: Ganga Ke Pujari Naag Novel

Writer: A Hameed

A Hameed is the author of this book Ganga Ke Pujari Naag Novel Pdf. The writer describes a social and romantic story at the time of the British rule in India. He told the life of a girl Parveen. She kidnapped from her house by some snake keepers. They did some experiments on her and made her poisonous. The girl loved a man but did not marry him because of her poison.

A Hameed was a famous biographer, story writer, and novelist. He authored some excellent books and novels. He wrote travelogue and biography books, which earned immortal fame for A Hameed. A Hameed wrote some super hit dramas for PTV, which gained a broad viewership. Ainak Wala Jin was his special effort for children, which equally popular in elders. I hope you like to read this book Ganga Ke Pujari Naag Novel Pdf, and share it with your contacts.

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