Khawab Zere Aab Novel By Aleem Ul Haq Haqi Pdf


Book Name: Khawab Zere Aab Novel

Writer: Aleem Ul Haq Haqi

The book Khawab Zere Aab Novel Pdf is an adventure story that describes a genius writer’s life. Aleem Ul Haq Haqi is the author of the book. He discussed the life of the sea and the sinking of the Titanic. The book contains many realities of life and the desires of the people.

Aleem Ul Haq Haqi is a famous story writer, novelist, and translator. He authored many excellent books and novels in his writing career, and most of them published in the monthly digests. Aleem Ul Haq Haqi adopted an impressive writing style. I hope you like to read the book Khawab Zere Aab Novel Pdf and share it.

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