Khwahish e Mukarram By Farrukh Anwar Chohan Pdf


Book Name: Khwahish e Mukarram Novel

Writer: Farrukh Anwar Chohan

The book Khwahish e Mukarram Novel PDF is an excellent social, informative, and tragic story by Farrukh Anwar Chohan. In this story, the writer describes the life of Muslims in the Western world after the 9/11 attack. He explained their difficulties and pains.

Farrukh Anwar Chohan is a talented novelist and story writer who authored some excellent books in a short time. He penned the issues of Muslims living abroad, primarily in the United States Of America. I hope you like to read the book Khwahish e Mukarram Novel PDF by Farrukh Anwar Chohan and share it with your friends.

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