Kiraye Ka Fauji By Raymond Davis Pdf Download


Book Name: Kiraye Ka Fauji

Writer: Raymond Davis

Translator: Waseem Sheikh

Kiraye Ka Fauji Pdf is an Urdu version of a famous English book, The Contractor. Raymond Davis is the book’s author, and Waseem Sheikh translated it into Urdu. The book is a historical document that reveals many facts about Pak-American relations and foreign policy.

Raymond Davis was an American contractor on a special operation in Pakistan. One day, he killed two men with his gun on a road in Lahore and tried to flee from the crime scene. The people stopped Raymond Davis, and a man lost his life at this time. On public pressure, the Lahore police arrested Kiraye Ka Fauji and put him in a lock-up.

The American said that Raymond Davis was a diplomat and he had the right of immunity. In response, the Pakistani officials proved him a contractor operating as a Kiraye Ka Fauji. It started a conflict between America and Pakistan. Some high state officials were involved and tried to resolve the matter.

Meanwhile, the media highlighted the issue, and the government surrendered before the public pressure. Pakistani government refused to release Raymond Davis openly. In the end, the American agency approached the families of martyrdom. They agreed to forgive the killer for money and appeared in court to complete the process.

So, the court ordered the release of Raymond Davis, and he left Pakistan in a hurry. The book tells the whole story of these events. I hope you like the book Kiraye Ka Fauji Pdf and share it with your friends. You may read Khanqah Novel Urdu, Khaki Company, and Gunah e Adam.

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