Kisi Khwab Ke Yaqeen Main By Huma Kokab Bukhari

Book Name: Kisi Khwab Ke Yaqeen Main Novel

Writer: Huma Kokab Bukhari

The book Kisi Khwab Ke Yaqeen Main Novel Pdf is a social, romantic, and cultural story that describes the human being’s feelings. Huma Kokab Bukhari is the author of the book. She discussed the real issues of the public in the book. He criticized the selfishness and rude attitude of the people.

Huma Kokab Bukhari is a top female story writer and novelist. She is a regular writer for the monthly digests and magazines. She wrote many excellent stories that got a high appreciation from the readers. I hope you like to read the book Kisi Khwab Ke Yaqeen Main Novel Pdf by Huma Kokab Bukhari and share it.

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