Loh E Faqeer By Syed Sarfraz A Shah Pdf Download

Book Name: Loh E Faqeer

Writer: Syed Sarfraz A Shah

The book Loh e Faqeer Pdf is another part of a book series Kahay Faqeer by Sarfraz A Shah. The book contains the essays and lectures on different subjects. He explained many Islamic virtues and the terms of Sufism. He quoted many other scholars also in his speeches.

Syed Sarfraz A Shah is a Sufi scholar and intellectual. He explained the various Sufism terms in the book. He has a broad knowledge of Islam and Sufism. The book Loh e Faqeer Pdf is a treasury of information. I hope you like to read the book and share it.

Here you can download Sarfraz A Shah books in pdf. You may read Faqeer Nagri, Kahay Faqeer, and Arzang e Faqeer.


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