Main Buzdil Tha Aur Wo Mar Gaya By Inayatullah Pdf

Book Name: Main Buzdil Tha Aur Wo Mar Gaya

Writer: Inayatullah

The book Main Buzdil Tha Aur Wo Mar Gaya Pdf is a collection of two long crime stories. Inayatullah is the author of the book. He describes the reasons for the crime in the people. He discussed the mentality of the criminals and the events of crimes.

Inayatullah told two long stories which based on reality and published in Hikayat digest. He told about a man who migrated from India to East Pakistan and later to West Pakistan. He saw the bloodshed and massacre of Mukti Bahni with his eyes and faced the brutality.

Inayatullah was a top story writer and novelist of Urdu. He introduced a new style in novel writing. He produced many excellent history books and social, romantic novels. Inayatullah was the founder of Maktaba Dastan. I hope you like to read the book Main Buzdil Tha Aur Wo Mar Gaya Pdf and share it with your social media friends.

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