Main Ne Dhaka Doobte Dekha By Siddique Salik Pdf

Book Name: Main Ne Dhaka Doobte Dekha

Writer: Muhammad Siddique Salik

Siddique Salik Shaheed is the author of the book Main Ne Dhaka Doobte Dekha Pdf. It is about the Dhaka fall and the surrender in East Pakistan. The writer of the book was an eyewitness of all the events. Siddique Salik discussed the reasons for this incident. He pointed out the role of this downfall.

Brigadier Siddique Salik was a military officer and writer of Urdu. He served in the Pakistan army until his death. He wrote some excellent novels and books in his writing career, including this. Moreover, Siddique Salik Shaheed gave some unique information about Dhaka’s fall in this book.

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