Manaqib e Syed e Hajver By Raja Rasheed Mehmood

Book Name: Manaqib e Syed e Hajver

Writer: Raja Rasheed Mehmood

The book Manaqib e Syed e Hajver Pdf is a poetry collection. Raja Rasheed Mehmood is the compiler of the book. It contains the poetry in the praise of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh R.A, a famous saint and scholar in Lahore. The author collection all the Manaqib and compiled it in a book. Almost all the top poets of Urdu wrote in the respect of Data Ganj Bakhsh R.A.

Raja Rasheed Mehmood was a famous scholar, editor, writer, and poet. He authored some reasonable books about the teachings of Islam and biography. I hope you like the book Manaqib e Syed e Hajver Pdf and share it.

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