Hikmat e Roomi By Dr Khalifa Abdul Hakeem Pdf

Book Name: Hikmat e Roomi

Writer: Dr Khalifa Abdul Hakeem

The book Hikmat e Roomi Pdf is an excellent writing by Dr Khalifa Abdul Hakeem. The book is about the teachings of Maulana Jalal Ud Din Rumi. He was a great saint and the poet of Persian language. He authored Masnavi Rumi, which was a great book about the teachings of Islam, Tasawwaf, and morality.

Khalifa Abdul Hakeem explained some of the poetry verses according to his knowledge. He was a great scholar and writer of some useful books. I hope you like the book Hikmat e Roomi Pdf and share it with your contacts on social media.

Here you can download Khalifa Abdul Hakeem books in pdf. You may read Iqbal Aur Mulla, Masnavi Rumi, and Danish e Rumi O Saadi.

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  1. dear sir,
    i need ‘hikayat e rumi’ if you send me on email i will be very thankful.
    and i am very impressed from this website.


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