Mann Ke Mohalle Mein By Shakeel Ahmad Chohan Pdf

Book Name: Mann Ke Mohalle Mein

Writer: Shakeel Ahmad Chohan

The book Mann Ke Mohalle Mein Pdf is an excellent social and romantic story by Shakeel Ahmad Chohan. It published with a different title in a book and got a broad appreciation of the readers. In this novel, the writer describes the thoughts of a couple who had a difference in opinion about love. The boy did not believe in love, and he said it only a waste of time.

The girl believed in respect for the parents and obeyed their decision. When her parents agreed to engage her with the boy, the girl accepted the decision. At this, this story turned a new turn and created suspense about the future life of the couple. The writer talked about parental rights and fulfilled the moral values.

Shakeel Ahmad Chohan is a famous humorist, story writer, and novelist. In his brilliant writing career, he authored some excellent books and romance stories. Moreover, Chohan is a regular writer for the digests and earned his name as a humorist. He wrote some dramas for television also. I hope you like to read the book Mann Ke Mohalle Mein Pdf and share it.

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