Media Mandi By Akmal Shahzad Ghuman Pdf


Book Name: Media Mandi

Writer: Akmal Shahzad Ghuman

The book Media Mandi Pdf is excellent writing by Akmal Shahzad Ghuman about print and electronic media. In this publication, the writer describes the decisive role of media in the modern world. He discussed the life, character, and achievements of some distinguished journalists who gave many new trends to Urdu journalism.

The author talked about black sheep who created a bad image of journalists in public. Akmal Shahzad Ghuman analyzed the policies of different media groups creating disunity in the community. He praised some editors and journalists serving the people and country with their pens.

Akmal Shahzad is a researcher, journalist, and writer with vast experience in field reporting and editing. He worked for influential media groups and papers in Pakistan. Moreover, he carefully observed Urdu media’s role in society’s education. I hope you like to read the book Media Mandi Pdf and share it.

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