Naqabil e Zikr By Bano Qudsia Pdf


Book Name: Naqabil e Zikr

Writer: Bano Qudsia

The book Naqabil e Zikr Pdf is an excellent collection of some Urdu short stories by Bano Qudsia. The writer discussed multiple social and moral issues in it. She criticised the community for its evils and praised for many qualities also.

Bano Qudsia was a great writer, novelist, spiritualist, and drama writer. She authored dozens of the superb books and novels which got a high readership. She also wrote some dramas for PTV and earned much fame. I hope you like to read the book Naqabil e Zikr Pdf and share it.

Here you can download Bano Qudsia Urdu short stories in pdf. You may read Ibne Adam, Amar Bail, and Raja Gidh Novel.


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