Phattay Aamon Ka Case By Muhammad Hanif Pdf


Book Name: Phattay Aamon Ka Case Urdu

Writer: Muhammad Hanif

Translator: Syed Kashif Raza

The book Phattay Aamon Ka Case Pdf is an Urdu version of A Case of exploding mangoes by Muhammad Hanif. It is about the facts and findings of an investigation of a C130 crash. In august 1988, the army chief and president of Pakistan, General Zia Ul Haq, visited Bahawalpur to attend a military ceremony. On his return, his aircraft crashed on his way to Islamabad.

In the book Phattay Aamon Ka Case, the writer describes the details of this travel. Muhammad Hanif told the opinion of some security experts that there were security laps that caused the incident. From Bahawalpur, some boxes of mangoes lodged in the craft may have some explosive material. Muhammad Hanif took the title of the book from these mangoes. He tried to describe some hidden facts to his readers.

Muhammad Hanif is a famous journalist, investigative reporter, and writer of some English books. He is working for BBC, one of the old broadcasting channels in the world. Muhammad Hanif gave much information about history, politics, and current affairs in his books. His books were translated into Urdu for Pakistani readers. I hope you like to read the book Phattay Aamon Ka Case Pdf and share it with your friends.

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