Pul Sirat e Mohabbat Novel By Bushra Masroor Pdf


Book Name: Pul Sirat e Mohabbat Novel

Writer: Bushra Masroor

The book Pul Sirat e Mohabbat Pdf is an excellent social and romantic novel by Bushra Masroor. In this story, the writer describes love and its requirements. She explained the difficulties and hurdles this way through the story’s characters.

Bushra Masroor said that love is a blessing of Allah, but it is not for all people. Allah always rewarded with respect his beloved people who can sacrifice in his way. The writer gave the lesson of patience, hard work, and hope in this novel.

Bushra Masroor is a leading female novelist, story writer, and poet. She is an editor and editing a monthly magazine of Urdu. She wrote some excellent books and novels, which got a high appreciation for their uniqueness. Bushra Masroor highlighted the matters of females in her stories. I hope you like to read the book Pul Sirat e Mohabbat Pdf and share it with your social media friends.

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