Qatra Qatra Zindagi Novel By Humaira Dua Pdf

Book Name: Qatra Qatra Zindagi Novel

Writer: Humaira Dua

The book Qatra Qatra Zindagi Novel by Humaira Dua is a social, romantic, and reform story. It is published in a monthly digest in episode form and appreciated after the first release. In this novel, Humaira Dua describes the life of a helpless girl who had a weak family background. She faced all the difficulties of life with bravery and great courage.

Humaira Dua is an emerging female story writer and talented novelist of Urdu. She authored some valuable stories and serialized novels in her short writing career. She is a regular writer for the digests and has many fans. Humaira Dua wrote on various topics and tried to bring a positive change in society. I hope you like to read the book Qatra Qatra Zindagi Novel Pdf and share it.

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