Rooh e Islam Urdu By Syed Ameer Ali Pdf Download

Book Name: Rooh e Islam (Spirit of Islam)

Writer: Syed Ameer Ali

Syed Ameer Ali is the author of the book Rooh e Islam Pdf. The book was originally in the English language, and this is an Urdu translation of the book Spirit of Islam Pdf. Spirit of Islam Pdf is about the teachings of Islam and its implementations.

The author proved the superiority of Islam on all the other religions of the world. He gave the answers to the questions of the critics about the truthfulness of Islam and the personality of the Prophet of Islam. I hope you like to read the book Rooh e Islam Pdf and share it.

Syed Ameer Ali has an excellent knowledge of modern research. He used the references of the western scholars in his book. You may also like Tareekh Alam e Islam, Mohsin e Insaniyat, and Rood e Kausar.

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