Tareekh e Karbala Urdu By Qari M. Ameen Pdf

Book Name: Tareekh e Karbala Urdu

Writer: Muhammad Ameen Qadri Rizvi

The book Tareekh e Karbala Pdf is about the history of the Karbala incident and the reasons for the Shahadat Imam Hussain R.A. Qari Muhammad Amin Qadri discussed the character of Yazid and Ibne Zayad. He explained the events of Karbala with trustable references.

Imam Hussain A.S was the grandson of Hazrat Muhammad SAW. He also was a beloved son of Syeda Fatima A.S and Amir Ul Monineen Ali A.S. Imam Hussain opposed the rule of Yazid and refused to Bait. Later, Imam Hussain A.S went to Karbala with his family members. The people of Iraq broke the promise, but Imam faced the forces of Yazid with his companions.

Qari Muhammad Amin Qadri is a famous scholar, writer, and speaker. He wrote some excellent books on Islam and history during his career. He had a great love for the Holy Prophet and his relatives, clearly shown in this book. I hope you like to read the book Tareekh e Karbala Pdf by Qari Muhammad Amin Qadri and share it.

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