Ru Sayah Novel By Aatir Shaheen Pdf


Book Name: Ru Sayah Novel

Writer: Aatir Shaheen

The book Ru Sayah Novel PDF is an action, thrilling, and suspense story by Aatir Shaheen. It is published in a monthly digest in the episode and appreciated by the readers. In this story, Aatir Shaheen tells about the struggle of a man who entered a war against a mafia. He did not know about the gang’s power and the criminals who kidnapped his sister.

Aatir Shaheen is a famous story writer and top novelist of Urdu. In his long writing career, he penned hundreds of stories and novels. Aatir Shaheen is a regular writer for the digests and has earned fame for his action stories like the Imran series. I hope you like the Ru Sayah Novel PDF and share it with your friends.

You can download the Aatir Shaheen novels and stories in PDF format here. You may read Jinhen Rastay Mein Khabar Hui, Zindagi Hum Tujhe Guzaren Gay Novel, and Qurbat e Hijar Mein Mohabbat Novel. You can subscribe to our website to update fresh book posts if you wish more.

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Episodes 26-36

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