Safar Aakhir E Shab By Ahmad Rafique Akhtar Pdf

Book Name: Safar Aakhir E Shab

Writer: Ahmad Rafique Akhtar

The book Safar Aakhir E Shab Pdf is a collection of some lectures by Ahmad Rafique Akhtar. These lectures are delivered on Islam and Pakistan in various parts of the world. Ahmad Rafique Akhtar discussed the future of Islam, Muslims, and Pakistanis. He proved that Islam is a religion that addresses all the issues of the modern age and gives its solution.

Ahmad Rafique Akhtar is a famous scholar, writer, teacher, Sufi, and speaker. He has a large following among youth and older people. He influenced a vast gathering and turned their attention to Islam. Ahmad Rafique Akhtar quotes Quran and Hadith in his lectures with many other scholars in the modern world. I hope you like to read the book Safar Aakhir E Shab Pdf and share it with your social media friends.

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