Shab Deeda By Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan Pdf

Book Name: Shab Deeda

Writer: Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan

The book Shab Deeda Pdf is a great book of Urdu by Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan. The writer describes some strange events and characters. He told the details of his tour of the world. Baba Yahya Khan wrote this book in the story pattern and gave much useful information in it.

Baba Yahya Khan is a famous writer, spiritualist, and intellectual. He authored some great books which a treasury of knowledge. He spent many years with Ashfaq Ahmad and Bano Qudsia and gained a lot. Baba Yahya Khan has a lot of fans across the world. I hope you like to read the book Shab Deeda Pdf and share it.

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