Soch Ke Nirale Dhang By Shahzad Nayyar Pdf

Book Name: Soch Ke Nirale Dhang

Writer: Edward De Bono

Translator: Shahzad Nayyar

Shahzad Nayyar compiled the book Soch Ke Nirale Dhang Pdf. It is an Urdu translation of a famous English book by Edward De Bono. The writer explained some modern ideas about positive thinking and its impact on life in the book. He said that the key to success is in a man’s hands, and he could open the door to win by thinking in a new way.

The author explained his ideas toward success in his book Six Thinking Hats. He talked about lateral thinking that changed the research of the past. Edward De Bono said that a person could change his future life and living standard with self-confidence.

Edward De Bono is a famous writer, inventor, physician, and psychologist in Malta. He authored some excellent books that converted into many other languages in his career. Moreover, he got many awards for her services to humanity. Shahzad Nayyar is a poet, writer, and translator who authored many books. I hope you like to read Soch Ke Nirale Dhang Pdf by Edward De Bono and share it.

Here you can download English to Urdu translated books by Shahzad Nayyar in pdf. You may read Bharpoor Khud Aitmadi, Zindagi Mehdood Nahi, and The Magic Urdu. If you wish more, you can subscribe to our website to update fresh book posts.

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