Shahadat Nawasa Syed Ul Abrar By Abdus Salam Qadri Pdf

Book Name: Shahadat Nawasa Syed Ul Abrar

Writer: Allama Abdus Salam Qadri

The book Shahadat Nawasa Syed Ul Abrar Pdf is an excellent book about the incident of Karbala and the Shahadat of Hazrat Imam Hussain AS. He was the beloved son of Syeda Fatima and Mola Ali and one of the grandson of the Holy Prophet SAW. He brought up under the guardianship of the Prophet of Islam.

The author wrote the book after lengthy research. He explained the role of Yazeed and Ibne Ziyad in the Shahadat of Hazrat Imam Hussain. He mentioned the journey of Imam Hussain, which started from Madina and ended on Karbala. After the stay of some days on the battlefield, Imam Hussain embraced Shahadat. He sacrificed his family members and some companions in this fight.

Allama Abdus Salam Qadri is a famous scholar of Islam and a favorite writer. In his career, he authored some excellent books on Islam and the history of Islam. He got fame for this trustable book on the events of Karbala. I hope you like to read the book Shahadat Nawasa Syed Ul Abrar Pdf and share it.

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