Tazkira Hussain Bin Mansoor Hallaj By Shahid Mukhtar Pdf

Book Name: Tazkira Hussain Bin Mansoor Hallaj

Writer: Dr. Shahid Mukhtar

The book Tazkira Hussain Bin Mansoor Hallaj pdf is about the life and the teachings of Hazrat Hussain Bin Mansur Hallaj. He was a great saint, writer, and poet. He killed at the time of the Abbassid Caliphate in Baghdad. Hallaj wrote a book Tawaseen in which he gave some contradictory comments which caused the death of Hallaj.

Hussain Bin Mansoor is a controversial name in the history of Islam. Some historians declared him an oppressed personality, and some Sufis said to him the chief of Auliya. A French scholar Louis Massignon worked much on the life of Hallaj and brought the facts on paper.

Dr. Shahid Mukhtar wrote this book in his unique style. He quoted reliable references in this book. Moreover, he showed his love for Hallaj in this book. Shahid Mukhtar authored some excellent books on history and biographies. I hope you like the book Tazkira Hussain Bin Mansoor Hallaj pdf and share it with your friends.

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