Tazkiratul Auliya Urdu By Shaikh Fariduddin Attar Pdf


Book Name: Tazkiratul Auliya Urdu

Writer: Hazrat Shaikh Fariduddin Attar

Shaikh Fariduddin Attar is the author of the book Tazkiratul Auliya Urdu Pdf. The book is a collection of the biographies of the saints in Islam. The writer told these great personalities’ life histories, teachings, and achievements. He took the whole list from the early times of Islam.

Shaikh Fariduddin Attar was a great scholar and writer. He was a Sufi saint and Mujahid of Islam. He compiled some excellent books in prose and poetry. This book earned a lot of fame for Shaikh Fariduddin Attar R.A. I hope you like to read the book Tazkiratul Auliya Urdu PDF and share it with your friends.

Here, you can download Fariduddin Attar Books in pdf. You may read Tazkira Auliya e Pakistan, Hazrat Nizam Ud Din Auliya. and Tazkira Hussain Bin Mansoor Hallaj. Now, you can subscribe to our website for updates about fresh book posts.

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