Teacher Se Trainer Tak By Qasim Ali Shah Pdf


Book Name: Teacher Se Trainer Tak

Writer: Qasim Ali Shah

The book Teacher Se Trainer Tak PDF is another excellent writing by Qasim Ali Shah. In this book, the writer describes his past life and his effort to achieve his goals in life. He talked about his professional career, which started as a low-profile teacher. He also told us that the key to success is to become a trainer.

Qasim Ali Shah advised the students to read about the life of some pioneers who played their role in changing the world. Moreover, he said that the people who want to join this profession should listen to or read to some famous life coaches and trainers.

Qasim Ali Shah is a famous speaker, motivational writer, coach, and the founder of the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation. He authored some excellent books on motivation and self-confidence in his professional career. Meanwhile, Qasim Ali Shah delivered hundreds of lectures on different topics in different institutes. He earned fame for his short clips uploaded on social media sites.

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