Targheeb Urdu By Qasim Ali Shah Pdf


Book Name: Targheeb Urdu

Writer: Qasim Ali Shah

Targheeb Book by Qasim Ali Shah PDF is an excellent piece of writing on self-confidence, motivation, and self-help. In this publication, the writer describes the importance of confidence-building for a successful life. He talked about the life of different people worldwide who achieved their goals with their resources.

The author tried to motivate the youth with this book. He gave them the lesson of hard work and patience and let the result be of Allah Almighty’s will. He said that Allah helps the people who help themselves. Qasim Ali Shah describes the life of Rasool Allah and many other great personalities from the history of Islam.

Qasim Ali Shah is a famous researcher, professional speaker, trainer, and motivational writer. In his long career, he authored some excellent books on motivation. Meanwhile, Qasim Ali Shah delivered hundreds of lectures on different topics in various institutes. He is also accessible on social media for his motivational short video clips. I hope you like reading the Targheeb Book By Qasim Ali Shah PDF and sharing it.

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