Tehzeebon Ka Tasadum By Samuel P Huntington Pdf

Book Name: Tehzeebon Ka Tasadum

Writer: Samuel P Huntington

Tehzeebon Ka Tasadum Pdf is an Urdu version of a famous English book, Clash of Civilisation. Samuel P Huntington is the author of the book. In the book, the author describes the theory of the two civilizations. He said that Islam is coming as a danger to western civilization.

This theory replaced the clash of communism and capitalism. It influenced almost the whole of the world. So, a dialogue started about the facts behind this theory of Samuel P Huntington. It changed the doctrine of power. The author of the Clash of Civilisation is a famous journalist, educationist, and writer of some excellent books. I hope you like the book Tehzeebon Ka Tasadum Pdf and share it with your friends.

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