Ujalay Lahu Kay By Mirza Shabbir Baig Sajid Pdf

Book Name: Ujalay Lahu Kay

Writer: Mirza Shabbir Baig Sajid

The book Ujalay Lahu Kay Pdf is a collection of some great social and romantic stories. Mirza Shabbir Baig compiled real events in our society. He commented on the community for unlimited desires. He told the happens when the selfishness of the people crossed all the moral limits. All of the stories have a moral lesson in them.

Mirza Shabbir Baig Sajid is a prominent writer and editor. He worked for different magazines and digests. He wrote many excellent stories based on realities. Mirza Shabbir Baig compiled this book for the youth to educate them about the achievements of their forefathers. I hope you like to read the book Ujalay Lahu Kay Pdf and share it with your social media friends.

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