Umeed Zindagi Hay Urdu By Viktor Frankl Pdf

Book Name: Umeed Zindagi Hay

Writer: Viktor Frankl

Translator: Syed Irfan Ahmed

The book Umeed Zindagi Hay Pdf is an Urdu version of a famous English writing by Viktor Frankl. In this writing, the author talked about his time spent in the Nazi camps. He spent three years there when the German forces arrest him along with his family and put him into jail.

Viktor lost his mother when his mother sent to a gas chamber by Gestapo. Some other relatives also put in terrible torture, and they lost their lives. Victor Frankl bore all of the pains and was an eye witness of this barbarianism. Later, he penned this story to tell the world about the massacre of the Jews.

Viktor Frankl was a famous Austrian scholar, writer, psychologist, and neurologist. In his career, he authored some useful books on different topics but earned fame for this publication. Syed Irfan Ahmed converted it into Urdu for readers. He is also a famous writer and translator. I hope you like to read the book Umeed Zindagi Hay Pdf and share it.

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