Veeran Haveli Ka Asaib By A Hameed Pdf Download

Book Name: Veeran Haveli Ka Asaib

Writer: A Hameed

The book Veeran Haveli Ka Asaib Pdf is a horror and suspense story in which A Hameed describes an adventure of the life of a man. He took shelter in a Haveli and stayed there. He faced some strange characters and events in that barren place. This story is full of horror and the realities of life. A Hameed explained the psyche of people who had fear in their heart. They had greed for some things which put them in a serious situation.

A Hameed was one of the great story writers of Urdu. He authored dozens of the books and novels. He got fame for his unique travelogue and biography books. A Hameed had a unique writing style which appreciated by the readers. He wrote some television dramas for children like Ainak Wala Jin which gained an extensive viewership.

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