Aadhi Raat Ka Shehar By A Hameed Pdf Download

Book Name: Aadhi Raat Ka Shehar

Writer: A Hameed

The book Aadhi Raat Ka Shehar Pdf is a social, romantic story by A Hameed. The writer told the story of a man who memoirs his bright past. He remembered his love, his mother, and the rain. A Hameed described all the natural scenes excellently.

The author told the wishes and desires of the man about luxuries in life. He explained the beauty of blood relations, which is the necessity for happiness in life. He praised the beauty of nature like rain, sunshine, night, trees, and animals, which gives charm to life.

A Hameed was a famous story writer, biographer, travelogue writer, and novelist. He authored more than one hundred books and novels. He had a vast knowledge of geography and history. A Hameed used his information beautifully in his stories. I hope you like to read the book Aadhi Raat Ka Shehar Pdf and share it with your friends on social media.


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