Jasoosi Duniya Jild 3 By Ibne Safi Pdf


Book Name: Jasoosi Duniya Jild 3

Writer: Ibne Safi

The book Jasoosi Duniya Jild 3 Pdf is the third part of a famous book series by Ibne Safi. It contains four action, thrill, and adventure stories which give a lesson of struggle, hope, and patriotism through different characters. The writer creates humour also in some situations.

Ibne Safi was a top novelist and story writer of Urdu who made a name in humour also. He authored some excellent series of the books and introduced many living characters. I hope you like to read the book Jasoosi Duniya Jild 3 Pdf and share it with your friends.

Here you can download Ibne Safi novels in pdf. You may read Jasoosi Duniya Jild 1, Jasoosi Duniya Jild 2, and Tuzk e Dao Piyazi.

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