Zard Patton Ka Shajar Novel By Nayab Jilani Pdf


Book Name: Zard Patton Ka Shajar Novel

Writer: Nayab Jilani

The book Zard Patton Ka Shajar Novel Pdf is an excellent social and romantic story by Nayab Jilani. First, this story was published in a digest and later released in a book. In this novel, Nayab Jilani describes the life of a landlord who behaved rudely with his relatives. He refused to give them their share of the property.

After a long struggle, the affectees got justice and their share. It changed the life of the cruel man, and he fell ill for a long time. The occupier did not believe in revenge and equally distributed the property, although he had the upper hand in all the matters. The author gave the lesson of patience, struggle, and love in this story.

Syeda Nayab Jilani is a legendary female story writer and versatile novelist of Urdu. She penned dozens of stories and serialized novels in her brilliant writing career. Moreover, she wrote some super hit dramas for television channels. She introduced a unique writing style and topics about public issues.

I hope you like to read the book Zard Patton Ka Shajar Novel Pdf and share it. Here you can download Nayab Jilani Novels in pdf. You may read Sare Lohe Shame Firaq Phir Novel, Jannat Republic Novel, and Mere Sajan Novel.

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