Ishq Nagar Ke Musafir Novel By Nida Husnain Pdf


Book Name: Ishq Nagar Ke Musafir Novel

Writer: Nida Husnain

The book Ishq Nagar Ke Musafir Pdf is an excellent social and romantic story by Nida Husnain. This novel publishing in the episode form on a blog on the internet. It got the appreciation of the readers from its first release. Nida Husnain discussed the complications of our family life in the story.

In this novel, the writer talked about the life of two couples who had a close relationship with each other. The girl from the first family does not feel loyal to her husband. She is involved in an affair with another man. At a severe stage, the girl felt regret for her past. She tried to return to a healthy life. Her boyfriend threatened her and forced her to carry on this relationship.

Nida Husnain is a talented female story writer and emerging novelist of Urdu. She produced excellent stories and novels in her short but brilliant writing career. Moreover, she adopted a unique writing style and wrote on various topics.

I hope you like to read the book Ishq Nagar Ke Musafir Pdf and share it with your contacts on social media. Here you can download Nida Husnain Novels in pdf. You may read Khushboo Ka Ghar Koi Nahi, Wadi E Al Moat Novel, and Choti Shahzadi Urdu.

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