Ababeelain Laut Ayengi By Tarannum Riyaz Pdf

Book Name: Ababeelain Laut Ayengi

Writer: Dr. Tarannum Riyaz

The book Ababeelain Laut Ayengi Pdf is an excellent collection of some short stories by Tarannum Riyaz. In these stories, the writer discussed many social and moral issues of the community. She highlighted the problems of women and raised her voice for women’s rights.

Tarannum Riyaz is a prominent writer and poet of Urdu. She authored some great books in poetry and prose. Tarannum Riyaz got many awards from different organizations and countries for her work. I hope you like to read the book Ababeelain Laut Ayengi Pdf and share it.

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