Hasrat e Tameer Novel By Ikram Brelvi Pdf

Book Name: Hasrat e Tameer Novel

Writer: Ikram Brelvi

The book Hasrat e Tameer Novel is about the situation of the Islamic world. Ikram Brelvi is the author of the book. In this book, the writer described the causes of the downfall of the Muslims. Ikram Brelvi discussed the situation in the middle east, Afghanistan, and Iran in the shape of a story. The book contains information about history also.

Ikram Brelvi was a famous story writer and novelist. He authored some excellent stories and books. His stories have some educational purpose, and the writer wrote them after long research. Ikram Brelvi wrote it in an impressive style. I hope you like to read the book Hasrat e Tameer Novel Pdf by Ikram Brelvi and share it.

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