Ashab e Badar By Qazi Sulaiman Mansoorpuri Pdf

Book Name: Ashab e Badar

Writer: Qazi Sulaiman Mansoorpuri

The book Ashab e Badar Pdf is a gathering of histories of Sahaba Karam, who took part in Ghazwa Badar. Qazi Sulaiman Mansoorpuri is the writer of the book. He said the life expectancy and accomplishments of Mujahideen with reliable references. He told their bravery and forfeited too.

This war increased the influence of the Muslims and the state of Madina. It brought destruction and disrespect for the Quraish of Makkah, who lost their chiefs in this battle. The Holy Prophet led the expedition and planned the war strategy.

Qazi Sulaiman Mansoorpuri was an incredible researcher of Islam, a historian, biographer, and author. He composed some great books in his writing career, including a most loved book on Seerat Un Nabi. He had a place with Ahlehadith’s school of thought. I hope you like to read the book Ashab e Badar Pdf by Qazi Sulaiman Mansoorpuri and share it with your friends.

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