Baloch Qaum History Urdu By Shah Mohammad Marri Pdf

Book Name: Baloch Qaum

Writer: Dr Shah Mohammad Marri

The book Baloch Qaum History Urdu Pdf is excellent writing by Shah Mohammad Marri. In this publication, the writer described the history, traditions, customs, living style, and tribes of the Baloch. He explained the life of their freedom fighters and heroes. Shah Mohammad Marri mentioned the role of the Baloch tribes in different freedom movements.

Shah Mohammad Marri is a Baloch writer, journalist, translator, and scholar. He authored many useful books and translated some English books into Urdu. He has a vast knowledge of the modern world and history. I hope you like to read the book Baloch Qaum History Urdu Pdf and share it.

Here you can download Shah Mohammad Marri books in pdf. You may read Das Fateh Urdu, Shah Inayat Shaheed, and Suraj Ka Shehar Gwadar.

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