Shah Inayat Shaheed By Dr Shah M Marri Pdf


Book Name: Shah Inayat Shaheed

Writer: Shah Mohammad Marri

Shah Inayat Shaheed Pdf is a biography of Shah Inayat, a social reformer in Sindh. Shah Mohammad Marri is the author of this book. He told the details of the reforms of Shah Inayat Shaheed, which led to a commune society. Shah Inayat led the peasants of Sindh and used them to establish their rule. This alliance challenged the writ of the Mughals, and the Mughals accused Shah Inayat, the movement’s leader.

Shah Mohammad Marri is a Baloch writer and scholar. He authored many favorite books on history. He wrote a series on the heroes of the people of Balochistan and Sindh. This book is the third part of that series. I hope you like to read the book Shah Inayat Shaheed Pdf by Shah Mohammad Marri and share it with your friends.

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